Our Story

We believe that work isn't a means to an end.  Rather, it's a journey, fueled by the search for purpose, trust, relevance and relationships.  At Hopewell, we bring together thoughtful professionals through learning and communal experiences to enable a connected and engaged community.  As a result, professionals develop a deeper connection to other professionals, the community, and are fueled to build a thriving career.

Hopewell fills a gap in the marketplace to connect the professional community through personal and professional interactions in locations that have uncompromising quality and service.  Our membership model allows for individuals and corporate entities to engage and join the community at the level appropriate for them.  Hopewell provides a conduit for organizations of all sizes to the broader community and brings them closer to partnerships, talent and customers.

We are creating a new segment in the marketplace that occupies today a component of professional community engagement, social engagement and education.  This self awareness enables us to clarify what we are and as importantly, what we are not.  
We ARE a…

  • A comfortable and secure space for professionals to connect to work
  • A platform for groups within the professional community to both informally and formally convene
  • A resource for inspiring and educational events to help improve yourself and your business
  • The uniting force that brings together professionals of all industries and sizes
  • What we are not is a co-working company like WeWork, a small business advocate like the Chamber of Commerce, or a startup accelerator. 


Hopewell is headquartered and first location is in Columbus, Ohio.  Columbus is known as the test kitchen of American culture and is also home to the rich Hopewell Tradition.  The Hopewell Culture refers to an artifactually-observed culture and way of life that developed across the great Midwest, with its epicenter in Ohio.  The Hopewell Culture was well known for it's intricate trading systems, development of agrarian tools and an artisan class.  Ahead of it's time, the Hopewell Culture engaged all of the professions to create a thriving society.  This Culture has given shape and name to what Hopewell Works is today and will be in the future.


We are driven to create the future we want to live in and are personally and professionally invested in this mission.  We believe being a member of Hopewell will add value not only to individuals, but will also impact the progress of our society.  Success for Hopewell is being a positive and necessary part of the communities in which we live and work to help drive the personal and economic growth.


Brian & Emily